Our company is in the business of manufacturing high-quality leather accessories, since 1950.
We supply products to many prestigious brands and companies.
Our design and production is exclusively French-made from our workshop in Paris.
With our leather expertise, our methods and our efficiency we can quickly produce your prototypes. Our collaboration with the Swarovski company brings a refined touch to our products.
Our customers, retailers, fashion designers, willingly acknowledge both our seriousness and our quality requirement. They particularly appreciate our craft production such as bags, leather jewellery, belts and so on.
Our receptivity to the market trends makes us anticipate and provide fashionable leather accessories.
In addition, we design prototypes and we manufacture as subcontractors for various customers.
With over 50 years experience in leather business, our creative director has enlisted young talents to design a new range of accessories.

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45 rue de Wattignies
75012 Paris 
Tél. +33 09 52 81 66 31